Charcoal Face Mask
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Charcoal Face Mask

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The Charcoal Face Mask pulls out toxins, oil and dirt to detox and rejuvenate skin.  Clean, clear and healthy skin encourages new cell growth and better absorbs all other nourishing facial products used in daily routines.

Charcoal Face Mask Benefits:

  • Detoxes, Pulls Out Impurities
  • Balances & Removes Excess Oil
  • Prevents & Eliminates Blackheads
  • Sheds Dead Skin Cells
  • Tones Skin, Eliminates Dry Spots
  • Soothes with Aloe and Orange Peel

Directions: Mix 1 tbl of the powder with 2.5 tbl of water; apply, let dry for up to 10 minutes, then rinse.

Ingredients: activated charcoal, orange powder, aloe powder, red clay, lemon oil  

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